Welcome to the New Site

Zerohour’s Abuse of the Economy

For certain this is what I do every week in Warcraft, and ironically this was the name offered to me by Stede over at LNWS.net (thanks to him for the name). There’s no other word for it, I take advantage of online gamers financially like no other on the planet.  Others have come and gone, tired of the boloney thrown their way by constant game changes that don’t match their easy gold making ways, but there’s only me standing.

No doubt the traffic’s gonna suffer with a name change, but let me be the first to welcome you to the renamed ZHNameless blog, now known as


Be sure to update your bookmarks, update your RSS, and go with the greatest goldmaker in Warcraft today.

Nothing has changed here.  The intention of the site is to maintain my ever present informative posts, while offering the right amount of humor, nostalgia, egotism and contempt for other players that’s earned several thousand readers every month.  You’re dealing with the pinnacle of gold making when you deal with me, which is strange because I never really tell you what to do other than think.  But as Napoleon Hill discovered years ago, I hope that you too will continue to think and grow rich.

Updated posts continue shortly!

Thanks for stopping in!

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