I’m Free to Change My Mind, and So Are You

I have purchased, to date, 36 total months of gametime between 2 linked accounts.  That was apparently the maximum I was allowed to buy, and if I could buy more I would.  I also cancelled both accounts shortly after doing so, since I don’t like the idea of Blizzard having my CC information on file with all of this hacking going around.  As Daeity wrote in his blog several years back, Blizzard is good at covering up data breaches, and frankly I’ve had enough identity theft in my life to last a lifetime.  What can I say, I have good credit, money, and am an ample target and hackers like me.

I know I came out against the idea of spending my gold on tokens when I said I wasn’t going to do it, so let me explain the rationale.  I want to also point out that the new determination of wealth now includes “How much gametime you got?” in addition to your inventory, liquid gold amount, and the DE value of what your characters are wearing.  Someone make a mod.

My reason for skipping tokens was I said I have a gold dump already in place for my gold and that I needed to keep reserves.  Primarily I blow my load in GDKP runs retaining really solid gear.  These runs are my raids, you have to play well or the bosses don’t die, and nobody is able to be carried mostly because of mechanics and dps/healing requirements thanks to elastic raids, except for maybe one or two people that are always instructed to die in a corner after touching the boss.  For instance, we’re still 9/10 Heroic and the raid is 80-90% Tier 1 raiders who have all downed Mythic Blackhand.  For some reason people are playing like shit when we get to him, but no matter, it’s mostly because the characters are not Mythic geared and steamrolling content while also trying to play a different role.  Also bombs…

Lately, I’ve been missing only a piece or two off the characters I’ve taken to the runs.  I could bring more in, but this is the first tier of content and only 2 characters keep my interest right now.  I’m only interested in gearing because I enjoy playing with these guys, and I’ve had my fill of actual hardcore raiding.  3-4 nights a week of correcting stupidity of players and their boy/girlfriends is just not in the cards anymore for me.  Then watching gear go to said stupid players who will immediately take the gear and no-show the next week or two and then file a reason on the forums that “RL got in the way, BBL LOL”…  well you probably understand the logic.  I’m rich, I don’t wait in line.  When I raided, I was also rich in DKP because I showed up all the time and wiped for days and weeks on bosses just to get one silly piece that I needed.  And it wasn’t fun for me.  What is fun is playing my way, when I want, and having people enjoy seeing me show up, even if it is to get the crumbs off my table.

I also hate that loot council seems to be the way things work anymore when years ago that was only reserved for the very best guilds who actually understood that they were giving a BIS to someone that wasn’t going to replaced on the next boss drop.  “Oooh boots!  I’m a warrior and those have Haste/Mastery on them!  I need!”  Raid leaders and other players haven’t played warriors so they assume JoeyBooBoo knows what he’s talking about so they give them to him because they like him, and then Crit/Multi boots drop the next night and he’s changed his mind and needs again because he can.  Then doesn’t show up for weeks after.  Extreme example, but I’ve seen it, and I know LC fails when they give the wrong piece out to someone.  Further, why are all these guilds recruiting all the time with LC in place?  Because people are looter-scooters.  I say, earn the piece, don’t gib the guild.  It’s just laziness, nobody today wants to have to keep up with things, back in my day and get off my lawn.

For my money, I liked Suicide Kings loot.  You make a decision on loot when you want it, you get the piece and you live with your decision because you know you aren’t getting another piece for a while.  New comers can’t just throw down some previous tier piece and get priority with in a LC, there’s less crying, bias and DKP wars.

Ok, where was I here?  Oh right.

So I took another look at it, and decided that I could easily afford to spend the gold on the gametime because, hell, why not?  My GPH at the AH (thanks to my addons) is rated just above 52,000 for the month.  It’s actually much higher because I tend to post and forget, and go back to what I was doing thanks to my second account handling the AH for me while my main account is playing the freaking game. I could be in an LFR, hunting bloods, in my GDKP run or anything else that I enjoy doing and I’m still working the AH.  The only real time I’m staring at the AH is during a posting or when I’m making buys.  Make sense?  Realistically, I’m not really in front of the AH camping.

I’m not a huge fan of GPH, but when you’re equating time and money to gold here, it works, ok?  If tokens are at 22k, then that means I’m a fool not to snap them up because I’m not just saving 15 bucks, I’m more or less saving $35 because of the multiplier.  In my mind, this works for me.  So I spent somewhere in the ballpark of 800,000 gold for 36 months of gametime, meaning in the end I can keep $538 (plus sales tax) of my hard earned after tax money.  What would you do with that extra money and still get to play your (today) favorite game?  Why, I’d throw a party.  If I was still a kid.  Instead I’ll probably put the money (partly) into a set of tires for my truck, since we’re fast approaching that time.

The funny thing is the first Tuesday of those tokens I recouped 195,000g into my coffers and the very next night another 129,000g.  Of course this doesn’t take into account Cost of Goods Sold which is minimal, but another force was at work in the decision.  My ego and my logical side kicked in and here’s what entered into my equation.

My GDKP runs have a lifespan of 14 item slots per character per tier.  Once those slots are filled I can come along to help the run or choose to take time off and wait for the next tier because my outgoing becomes zero and I start making profits off the runs, which was actually the case for 2 weeks leading up to the token drop. I went in for very specific slots and also for Warforged pieces (which tend to drop mostly for the god damned hunters and never for plate wearers, and then they go for less money than one of my normal items because the mail wearers are cheap as shit and I’m getting off on a rant so I’ll stop here) so I tend to walk out with a very decent cut.  I tend to buy the BOEs that drop if they’re appropriately priced because alts need love, too.

However.  During that time off I’ll probably recoup 2-4 times the gold I spent on the tokens.  So what’s the point of gold to me?  I make it so quickly that there is no real gold dump for me except GDKP and tokens become merely a speedbump.  I’m the guy who usually pisses away all their gold in each expansion (I learned this from Stockpile) and then makes it all back.  I started WoD with around 400k between all my characters, and quickly parlayed that into several million before Highmaul was over.  I am a millionaire every 2-3 weeks in good times, and that means 1 million gold in profit comes my way in less than a month.  Most people suffer for months getting their first million, but because I know how it works and have the knowledge and staying power, I do it far faster than anyone else and repeat it over and over.

Besides all that, I don’t have to revisit tokens until late next year.  That means I have 18 months between each account to make all the gold I want and not have to pay a sub.  Think about 18 months for a second, that’s 3/4s of an entire expansion anymore.  If my accounts weren’t linked, I would have taken this out to 72 months, which would have landed me into late 2018. That’s a TON of time to make all the gold back regardless of time involved.

I also can come and go as I wish and not worry about shutting down the sub and restarting it, reentering credit card information, and maybe find other games to enjoy in this time.  Diablo 3 has a new season out, and I am able to look at it without guilt that I’m wasting actual money on WoW when I have no desire to play it while I’m focused on Diablo 3.  Let’s not discuss wasted time, because we’re gamers here.  People waste how many hours a week watching TV?  I waste about the same time playing interactive video games that keep my brain thinking as opposed to the bubble gum for the eyes.  Of course, there’s that article I read years ago, so maybe I should mix in some exercise, too.  Still better than parking in front of a TV, and all 20-somethings should read that article.

Thanks for stopping in!

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