How To Tell They Aren’t Really Trying

6.2 PTR is out and while things are still in flux, one glaring change is there for those of you who are actively in the market.

Felblood was changed to Felblight.

Earthshattering, yes?  MMOC said the name was changed, but upon inspection of the tooltip, it was more than that.

Felblood was to be produced with barns, making it the continuation for those with barns and crafting mat needs.  But the new tooltip says that it will be retained instead by mining, herbalism, skinning, and fishing.  Sounds like fun, right?  Let me illustrate the effects of this for those of you who were asleep during 6.1.

At release of 6.1, the big winner was crafting token upgrades for BOEs.  The bigger winner were those that spent an hour farming up about a month of cooldowns in Nagrand from the elite dire wolves for each character.  I put together 13 barns and I can tell you the output per work order yielded one Savage Blood 50% of the time.  So for 36 Work Orders (6 days of orders with storehouses) I would net 18 Savage Bloods on average per week PER BARN, plus an insane amount of fur.  For those reaching for their calculators, that’s 234 Bloods every six days.  I have so much fur right now I can’t get rid of it fast enough.  5 Tailors can’t burn it fast enough, the Fur Trader has nearly cut me off, and Primal Spirits are all over the place.  I also have a backlog of Savage Bloods in stock, at last count over 700.  The biggest issue was getting the reagents for the various professions, which was easily rectified by trading those bonus furs in every five days for extra Primal Spirits for crafting extra reagents, netting me more output every week and hundreds of thousands in profits.  Yes, this was my strategy for 6.1.

Lots of people just farmed those bloods up for sale on the AH, which made lots of gold for people.  The real gold however was the markup I received on my tokens, which essentially protected my Savage Blood value.  In some cases my bloods were worth over 600g when the market for them was under 250g.  No other aspect of the AH paid like a slot machine during 6.1 than Savage Bloods, barns, and doing a little grunt work yourself for a few hours to fill up with traps.  And it was really fun, thanks to the group finder.  I clocked about 100 traps per half hour when in a decent group.

(Total Tangent Here) I liked trapping so much, I could be caught doing it real life in my backyard.  Here I caught this (WARNING: Don’t click this if you are squeamish and nauseated easily or are an elephant) Level 103 Mighty Beast who’s been routinely cleaning out my birdfeeder because my neighbor is a hillbilly who refuses to pick up his backyard garrison.  Old dog poop, grass clippings, rotting brush and wood from failed deck projects, just a disgusting asshole. I love animals, but I don’t like disease ridden beasts that my dog might eat.  Them or us, man.

Ok, back on topic here.

At issue is that the change from barns to gathering makes barns irrelevant except for those still rolling alts and wanting to get quick pieces for upgrades.  Dupers had their way with this market because, well, Blizzard has zero intention of eliminating the issue with these people.  They’ve repeatedly demonstrated that they don’t give a care about the economic abuses and destruction caused by these people, but are more concerned with spammers and botters, which they ultimately don’t do anything about either.  All while promoting “strict anti-cheat” stances from the likes of Bashiok and Lore, both paid liar shills specializing in covering up the problems they refuse to address and misdirecting the issue.  I was talking about assholes earlier, Blizzard is a gaping dirty one and employs some finer ones to boot.

If people are tasked with gathering them, then that means they will be really easy to get.  And even if they aren’t easy to get, players will do what they’ve done for the past decade when it comes to gathering raw materials in the world.  You guessed it, we’re going to see Tanaan Jungle infested with bots.  Mining/Herb bots, Skinning bots, Fishing bots.  So we’ve traded one issue for another and can add yet another to the list of “Things Blizzard Will Never Fix Because They Punched Out For The Expansion”.

This further means that the value of these items and most every raw material gathered will drop into the black hole of surplus.  Upgrade tokens will maintain a value based on the raw materials needed to produce the cooldowns, because people are that stupid and can’t be asked to do simple math before posting them.  Oh, and traders will be in business spitting out the Primal Spirits so we can keep up with the demand and keep generating the reagents to make these things.  If the end product is cheap, people are going to not think twice about upgrading.  20k to upgrade a ring is one thing, but 1k to upgrade a ring to i700 is another.  Mythic level items for cheap.  As it stands right now, it’s a partial gear reset.

I guess the good news is that dupers won’t be bothering with duping the Felblights.  While I hate dupers with a passion, I dislike vast quantities of easily retained materials for upgrades even more.  No real work will be involved in order to work the market, ergo the barrier to entry will hardly exist.  That’s what makes people rich.

Barriers to entry exist for a reason.  It protects markets, and insures that those that want to be in the market are serious and dedicated to it.  This happens in the real world – people see a mountain to climb and say forget it, too much work.  We call these people losers, lamers, carries and whiners.  But there are those elites that are willing to do what it takes no matter the asking price to make it happen.  We call these people winners.  Doing what it takes when you have to no matter how you feel is the hallmark of a winner.  Bars are raised to accommodate these people.  But if you ask me, Blizzard loves to lower bars and barriers so that, as Ghostcrawler put it, someone’s grandma will be able to understand and play the game.

Ghostcrawler – who knew he was such a hardass against Gammies everywhere?

It’s a shame I’m paid up through the end of next year on my accounts.  The consequences of playing for free, thank goodness I’m not having to pay for this shit.


The best thing that they can do, while this is still PTR, is reconsider this action.  More than likely this move is intended because gatherers have been whining their asses off since the beginning of the expansion.  Really, who the hell has gatherers?  Botters.  Ban them, thanks.  But ultimately, I want to see a good balance of exclusive items only for the very well off, rather than just giving it away.

Thanks for stopping in!

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