10 Things You Will Be Able To Do With Flying In Draenor

With the recent news from Blizzard today, apparently you WILL be able to fly around Draenor in a minor patch after 6.2, but only after completing a rather lengthy meta achievement which consists entirely of PvE content.  Don’t worry, no raiding required, no gold dumps, and it applies to your entire account.

As an aside, the debate was a virtual storming of the Bastille and cost tens of thousands of productive hours of lives that will never be refunded.  We all owe these Flying Justice Warriors (FJW) a debt of gratitude, because without their passion and sacrifice, we may not have won the day that will probably result in resubs of about zero.  For my part, I contributed nothing towards the debate, I was busy manning my lawnchair keeping FJWs off my lawn with my rocksalt and bucket of ice cold beer.  Back on track.

People are posting guides right now how to get those achievements done, but I, being the forward thinker that I am, am giving you a guide of things you will be able to do with that newfound flight ability, which will probably only cost you about 5-7 days of your life to retain.

  1. Hover above your garrison AFK rather than in front of the mission table.
  2. Sit AFK on top of the mountains between the zones.
  3. Sit AFK on top of the various houses, huts, inns, and domiciles at the various quest hubs
  4. Fly around completing all those puzzles that required leet jumping and walking skills.
  5. PvP Servers Only: Camp noobs without flying until they log out.
  6. Fly into your raid instances rather than walk into them.  This may destroy the World PvP scene single handedly.
  7. Level alts with flying. Goodbye immersion, hello Pan Am express!
  8. Actually use all those expensive store mounts in Draenor, which were always flyers, but not in Draenor. /confused
  9. Gather Herbs and Minerals faster.
  10. Finally complete Archeology to 700!

Everyone get pumped!

Thanks for stopping in!

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