In Conclusion

I started this blog on a dare, and am ending it out of apathy.  It was fun to write my thoughts for a few years, but then I realized one day that I don’t even care anymore.  Honestly, given the line of work I am in, I would like to reboot this blog and dedicate it to making people’s financial lives better.  It’s a thought, because I’m damned good at what I do.

Since this was dedicated to the WoW universe and gold making and not thinking like the millions of talking monkeys that play this game, it’s become dated.  Sort of like anything you see anymore to gold making out there, it just doesn’t matter.  Blizzard essentially removed the need to really be a cut above the rest.  And people react more to streams than they do anything else, because lazy and no reading.

Today, you probably, no matter who you are with the exception of people just starting the game, have about 100k in your pockets.  During Classic, having that sort of wealth would have put you in the top 0.01% of players in the world.  It’s nothing today to have several million, because everything that is known is known, and everything that used to gate wealth from the player base has been removed.  If you want to snag a quick 10k, go hit up all the old raid content, vendor everything, you’ll be flush with cash.  Or go do WQs for an hour, target only the gold rewards, you’ll land thousands.

Inflation is the enemy of gold making and most every economy.  It puts most things out of reach for players, and causes people to have to work harder for their play time.  The token system was an interesting idea, it allowed players with the means to buy the gold, while those who chose to invest their time in gold making a means to pay for the subscription.  That’s win-win-win.  Blizz ultimately won, and given the reaction to D3’s AH, I was always surprised they even went that direction.

Today’s game is inflated like never before, and that’s not going to change.  Realistically there’s not a reason to up gold rewards, vendor prices, or anything else in the game.  They could have depleted the value of old world vendor prices with ease, stripping the value of a Cata Dragon Soul trinket to 1g per (you get 45g per on those things, just saying), but they didn’t.  But with this expansion, they did just the opposite.  You have vendor trash today selling for the price of epics from Wrath.  Game requirements don’t ask you to do anything beyond what we had to do 12 years ago – which was flask, use potions, and carry foods.  Yet prices for items is 2000% higher than back then.  They’re perfectly fine with it.  And I know why, you have so many options today to make gold to buy things, chief among them being the ability to buy or sell your gold.

Add to this, professions today are insanely more time intensive than ever before. This crap really kicked into high gear with MoP release.  Unless you’re part of the crowd that has this sort of time, or part of the crew that is just insane, it’s not a ton of fun.  Of course there’s the other crowd that does nothing but reprice stuff.  And then you have the transmog crowd.  None of it is fun for me, so that’s why I’ve parted ways with it.

What’s next?  Well, I moved on with my life nearly 2 years ago.  This time sink is simply entertainment for me when I have the time.  I got the notice the renewal was up on the website, and I’m not going to bother with it.  The gamer community today strikes me as a larger crowd of people in need of solid jobs than it was 15 years ago when I really got into it.  The answer for me was to move to Arizona back in 2015, get back into my old career, and dedicate myself to not taking shit from anyone anymore.  This last month I was again one of the highest paid sales reps on the West Coast.  For me, the only question is how much house I should buy in the coming months?  Life’s good, I suggest you get one, too!

Zerohour was my alter ego online, but the things I really took away from my blog was to reprogram myself back to what I always was and become Zerohour again.  For 7 very long years I struggled due to the financial markets in the US.  From damn near homeless to a 5 figure monthly income again.  I learned a ton about myself in that time, I learned to not give respect where it wasn’t earned, stop wasting time on those that those that waste mine, and the best thing I ever did was to act on my personal beliefs and not bother with the little things.  Charge forward, worry about things like feelings and emotions later.  Man, I like being home again.  I like the person I’ve resurrected.

In closing, I wish the best for you, and if you can see the brass ring in your life, don’t let anyone (including yourself) get in your way.

This site will expire and self immolate by February 23, 2017.

One response to “In Conclusion

  1. hi mate, certainly not unexpected given where blizz has taken the game today, but nonetheless quite sad to see you go. thanks for the thoughtful and well articluated posts over the years, here and elsewhere. you truly stuck to your style, differentiating yourself from the hordes of box-standard goldbloggers, even during the more recent times in which goldmaking became less and less of an art and experiment. best of luck with everything in life and put me on your mailing list in case you resurface at some point!

    ps: i copied all your posts into a .doc to reminisce when needed, and was wondering if you had put them together yourself to share with your readers in a possibly better format than mine…


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