A Passion of Mine

Something I’m passionate about is treating our four legged friends with no home with kindness and humanity.  They give us lots of love unconditionally, and many are unfortunately surrendered or abandoned and didn’t have a say in the matter.  Some are even abused while they have no idea why.  Sometimes when you think about the way we treat each other, it’s ridiculous we are even afforded this gift from nature who will always greet us when we have a tough day and feel nobody likes us, only to be greeted first by a wagging tail or a leg hug at the door.

There are lots of friends waiting for a forever home, and I want to point out one of my favorite charities is OperationKindness.org.  It’s one of the oldest such no-kill animal homes in my area, where we can visit them, take them for a walk, stroke all the cats you like, and rejoice when you see one getting to take that long awaited trip to it’s forever home.

This site is for fun, I love to write, share, and critique.  If you feel like giving anything monetarily, the link above will do fine or locate a rescue in your immediate area to support.  There’s no reason to throw money at me, I’m perfectly fine.  Pray for all the puppies, kitties, dogs and cats, and that they reach their intended destination.


P.S., I love @Randallsanimals.  If you love the magic of the world of life around you, I suggest following him on Twitter.  He’s our friend that brought us The Honey Badger.

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